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How can we move from thinking as individuals, to thinking as groups, and as broader communities, and evolve in ways that allow prosocial behaviours and everyone to flourish?  Prosocial uses the ACT model as a proven model for behaviour change, to support people to align their behaviours with a set of core design principles. These principles were identified by the economist Elinor Ostrom, who observed them in groups and communities who worked effectively towards the common good.  She won the Nobel Prize for her work.


Prosocial is a process, which can help groups/teams improve collaboration and cooperation, as they shift to orientating towards the welfare not just of the group, but of others and society as a whole.  To read more about the background science, and the process itself, click here:

You can also hear from Steve Hayes, one of the ‘founders’ of ACT, talk about Prosocial here:


Louise is a trained facilitator with Prosocial World and is starting to use the model with medical teams in her NHS work.  She is also forming links with others using Prosocial in educational settings around the world.  It is being used successfully in many projects, from a whole school approach in Australia, to community projects in the UK, to a dental practice in Germany. You can also see it at work here fighting Ebola in Sierra Leone, with impressive results.


InTwoMinds are looking forward to finding opportunities to use the Prosocial model with groups of people in the UK.  Please contact us to find out more, and to discuss where it might work for you.

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