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30 days of going inside, (because we can't go outside)

In March 2020, we, like many people, had long conversations thinking about what we could do to support people.  ‘30 Days of Going Inside’ was born out of those conversations.  Given that we would all be spending more time with ourselves, and our minds – why not see this as an opportunity to deepen our understanding of all the ‘stuff’ that shows up inside.

The videos were made whilst Louise was working flat out in her NHS job, and it’s only thanks to the patience and support of her daughter Meg, and the conviction of Rachael, that the videos were made, and look as good as they do. It reached people as far away as Australia, and we now have a wonderful resource that we continue to share in our work. 

Whilst the initial intention was for each video to build on the one before, they do also stand alone.   We hope you enjoy them.

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