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Therapy - Louise

It can take time to find the right therapist 

I hope this information here will help.  


I have worked in a physical health setting for many years now in the NHS, specialising in chronic pain, and chronic illness.  Whilst I am not a huge fan of diagnostic labels, I would say that I also offer support with a wide range of anxiety and mood 'disorders', such as anxiety, depression, OCD, worry, panic, and trauma. 


At the first assessment we would start to explore together what it is you are struggling with, and what you want to get from the sessions together.  So I might start with asking what brought you here.  For me, therapy is about developing a shared understanding of a difficulty, or a 'stuckness' and this will start in the first session.  Whilst the intervention is often focused on the present moment - what we can change here and now - we often need to frame this in the context of our early learning history.  Hence this will be explored, even if just briefly, in order to help with this. 


If it is agreed that further sessions may then be of benefit, there will be regular check-ins during these sessions to ensure that therapy is helping you to move forward in your life in a way that is helpful and meaningful to you.  My work values are about helping and supporting my clients, and you will therefore often hear me asking 'Is this making sense?' or 'Is this helping do you think?'.  Therapy can be challenging, and emotions often show up - but it needn't always be heavy.  By noticing and sharing the joys and the pitfalls of the human condition, most people will experience a shift in perspective that, with practice, can offer moments of transformation.  And life is a series of moments.  My aim is to make therapy as brief as possible, whilst also supporting you to continue to practice things and make changes.


Assessment sessions cost £120, and may run up to 90 minutes.

Follow-up sessions cost £90/hour. 

Longer follow-up sessions (which would be by mutual agreement) are charged pro-rata.

Please email me if you would like to book an initial appointment.  I am also happy to have an email exchange or brief zoom call if this is helpful in making a decision on whether to book.

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