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School talks

1.   How to help your child live well with their brains:  

This 90-minute talk looks at the nuero-science of the adolescent brain and explores the skills that we know help children relate more skilfully to their thoughts and feelings. It is suitable for parents of children of all ages. 


2.   Explaining Adolescence to Adolescents: 

This 90-minute talk includes up to date research on the adolescent brain and how we, as parents and teachers, can use moments of connection with children to help re-direct them if we feel they are struggling. This is mainly aimed at parents of secondary school children. 


3.   “Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”- How to suffer, well. 

This 90-minute talk/workshop is aimed at sixth form pupils, helping them to manage the stress of exam preparation and improve their productivity ,using personal resources that we often don’t teach children how to tap into. 


4.   Mind the gap- Helping children through transition from primary to secondary schools:

Knowing that this transition can be a painful time for both children and parents, this 90-minute talk looks at why change can be hard and introduces skills that parents can learn to support their child at this time of upheaval, both in life and in the emerging adolescent brain. 


The pace was necessarily fast, the delivery impassioned and engaging,
everyone I spoke with was very enthusiastic. 
You smashed it Mrs Williams, Well done and thank you.
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