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Clear minds, steady breath

This 12 hour course for teachers and support staff is based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and encourages staff and their pupils to become more curious about their internal worlds, and to learn ways of relating more skillfully to them.

  • The course can be delivered in different formats, to suit the needs and timetables of the school(s) involved. For example, 2 x 6 hours, or 4 x 3 hours, or 3 x 4 hours. 

  • Schools are encouraged to space these sessions 2 weeks apart, to allow attendees to put things into practice in their own lives and in their work.  They can then share these experiences in the next session, and obtain feedback from each other, and close supervision from the course leaders

  • It’s a wonderful opportunity for staff to step out of the classroom and collaborate and share experiences, especially when this runs across different schools.

  • Attendees will leave with a set of tools for using in the classroom, with prompt cards for each exercise.

This course was originally run as a partnership project with Yoga In Schools and Aureus School Didcot, and it was part-funded by the Charlie Waller Trust. 


“The children actually ask to use their favourite ‘Clear Mind’ technique” 

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